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Cicindelidae - Tiger Beetles

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Ceroglossus chilensis solieri
product code : Cic02 - Ceroglossus chilensis solieri (Chile) 2.5 cm..
product code : Cic04 - Ceroglossus darwini darwini (Chile) 2 cm..
product code : Cic05 - Ceroglossus darwini magellanicus (Chile) 2.5 cm..
Ceroglossus darwini magellanicus Form
CicOE10197. Form araucanus. Chile. Body length 2.4 cms. You will receive this unmounted pictured spe..
product code : Cic06 - Ceroglossus valdiviae valdiviae (Chile) 2 cm..
Cicindela lacteola undata
product code : Cic08 - Cicindela lacteola undata (Russia) 1.5 cm..
Cicindela saxalinensis
product code : Cic09 - Cicindela saxalinensis (Russia) 1.5 cm..