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Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles

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Cheirotonus jansoni
ScaOE051406. Vietnam. Body length 6.8 cms. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen. ..
Cheirotonus jansoni male
ScaOE1041. Very fair price. Pronotom copper/ green. Body length 6.5 cms. China. You will receive th..
Cheirotonus peracanus pair
ScaOE112201. Male body length not including legs is 6.3 cms. Malaysia. You will receive this unmount..
Cheirotonus peracanus pair
ScaOE11220. Malaysia. Body length of large male 6.5 cms. You will receive these pictured specimens. ..
product code : Sca00-pr - Copris species MF (Nicaragua) 2 cm..
Euchirus longimanus
product code : Sca001-pr - Euchirus longimanus Impressive MF (Ceram Island- Indonesia) 6-7 cms..
Golofa pizzaro
Sca01581. Paraguay. Larger size of 5 cms body length. ..
product code : Sca01 - Heliocopris dominus (Thailand) 6 cm..
Mimela holoserica
ScaOE080203. Looks like a Plusiotus species from Asia. Body length 2 cms. Beauty ! S. Korea. ..
Phanaeus imperator male
ScaOE0427. No 2 alike. Paraguay. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen. ..