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Charaxes zingha
Nym244. Central Africa..
Childrena childreni
Nym2457China. Wing span 3 1/2 inches.Very short supply. Not enough quantity to support artwork clien..
Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis
product code : Bup05 - Chrysochroa buqueti rugicollis (Thailand) 40mm..
Chrysochroa mniszechii
product code : Bup08 - Chrysochroa mniszechii (Thailand) 3.5 cm ..
Consul fabius drurii
Nym253. Peru. Belongs to the Anaea group. Wing span 3 inches...
Coptolabrus augustus ignigenus
product code : Car0528 - Coptolabrus augustus ignigena (China) 4+ cms ..
Coptolabrus augustus ignigenus zhyuansis
Car06120. Body length 4.5 cms. China. 3 in stock...
Coptolabrus pustelifer mirificus
product code : Car05292 - Coptolabrus pustelifer mirificus (China) 3+ cms ..
Coptolabrus smaragdinus
Car06122. Body length 3.5 cms. Korea. 5 in stock...
Cymothoe beckeri
Nym27. Republic Central Africa. Wing Span 2 1/2 Inches..
Cymothoe coccinata
Nym2714. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 2 inches. Very difficult to obtain A1 quality. I\'ll sen..
Cymothoe hermenia
Nym2728. Republic Central Africa. Wing Span 2 1/2 inches..
Cymothoe hermenia Female
Nym27280-f. Republic Central Africa. ..
Cymothoe reinholdi
Cymothoe reinholdi (Central Africa) Wing Span 2 1/2 Inches..
Cymothoe sangaris
Nym2803. Republic Central Africa...