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Cyrtotrachelus buqueti
Cur0030. Thailand. Body length 5.5+ cms with extra long legs...
Danaus chrysippus aegyptius
Dan100. Wing span 3 inches. Republic Central Africa...
Diastocera wallichi
Cer0783. Malaysia. Body length 4 cms. ..
Dione juno
Dione juno. (Peru) Wing Span 2 Inches..
Eterusia repleta- A1 + Quality
UraOE12230. Thailand. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen. ..
Euchirus longimanus
Sca001 - Ceram Island- Indonesia. Body length  6-7 cms not including legs...
Euchloron megaera
SphOE11165. Cameroon, Africa. Great color contrast of top wings and bottom wings...
Euchroea aurostellata
Madagascar Body length 2.5 cms...
Euchroea ripheus
Madagascar.Body length 2.5 cms. Named because of the similarity to the day moth Urania ripheus. ..
Eupatorus birmanicus
product code : Dyn033 - Eupatorus birmanicus (Thailand) 5 cm ..
Eupatorus siamensis
Dyn07. From a very dangerous collecting area in N. Thailand. Body length 6 cms including head hoen. ..
Eurytides agesilaus
Pap0387. Peru. Wing Span 2 1/4 Inches..
Euxanthe crossleyi
Nym3219. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 2 1/2 inches approx. A great addition to your collection..
Euxanthe trajanus
Nym12183. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 3 1/2 inches...