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Golofa porteri
DynOE10170. Colombia. Body length 5+ cms. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen..
Graphium androcles
Graphium androcles (Celebese)..
Graphium antheus
Graphium antheus (Gabon- Africa) Wing Span 3 1/2 Inches..
Graphium cloanthus
Pap07661. Thailand. Wing Span 3 Inches..
Graphium codrus celebensis
Graphium codrus codrus (Ceram Isl.- Indonesia) Wing Span 4 inches..
Graphium codrus empedovana
Graphium codrus empedovana (Java) Wing Span 3 inches ..
Graphium rydleyanus
Pap071605. Republic Central Africa...
Graphium sarpedon milon- Collection Quality
Graphium sarpedon milon Beautiful Blue (Celebese Isl. Indonesia) Wing Span 3 inches..
Graphium sarpedon sarpedon
Pap1516. Philippines. Wing span 2 3/4 inches...
Hebomoia leucippe - Limited Stock Now
Pie371.  Ceram- Indonesia. Wing Span 3 1/2 inches..
Heteromenous spinifer
Ara13 - Heteromenous spinifer Shiney Black (Java) Body length 6 inches..
Heteropteryx dilatata female
Pha987-f. Covered with very sharp green thorns. The thorny devil. Body length 5 3/4 inches. Malaysia..
Ixias venilia
Pie3801. Java, Indonesia. Wing span appox. 2 inches...
Lexias pardalis
Lexias pardalis Difficult to get A1 Quality (Thailand) Wing Span 2 1/2 Inches ..
Madecassia ophthalmica
Madagascar. Body length 4cms. Previously name Lampropepla. ..