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Morpho adonis huallaga- Good A- Quality Netted Only
Mor0001. Larger than the Guyana species. Peru. Wing span 3 1/2 inches...
Morpho adonis major
Morpho adonis major. (Peru) Wing Span 3 1/2 Inches..
Morpho anaxibia
Mor002.  Bred Specimens (Paraguay) Wing Span 4 1/2 inches + ..
Morpho didius
Mor06.Peru. Wing Span 5 inches approx...
Myscelia cyaniris
Nym45518. Dazzling beauty. Costa Rica. Wing span 2 + inches..
Napocles jucunda
Nym4552. Napocles jucunda (Peru) Wing Span 3 1/2 inches..
Necyria westwoodi
Necyria westwoodi (Peru) Wing Span 1 1/2 inches..
Odontolabis dalmanni celebensis
product code : Luc21-lg - Odontolabis dalmanni celebensis (Peleng) 7 cm ..
Ornithoptera croesus lydius- Males Only
Pap7911. Males only from Halmahera Island, Indonesia...
Pachyteria ruficollis
product code : Cer1718 - Pachyteria ruficollis (N. Borneo) 3 cms ..
Palla ussheri
Nym4574. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 3 inches...
Palla violinitens
Nym4575. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 3 inches...
Papilio arcturus arcturus
Pap205. Thailand. Net captured. Wing span approx. 4 inches..
Papilio blumei fruhstorferi
Pap225. S.Celebese Island, Indonesia...
Papilio bromius
Papilio bromius (Republic Central Africa) Wing Span 4 Inches ..