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Parthenos sylvia lilacinus
Nym47. Malaysia. Wing span 2 1/2 inches...
Penthicodes atomaria
Hom1206. Sent spread as seen. Thailand. Wing span 2 1/2 inches. ..
Phoebis philea
Phoebis philea (Peru) Wing Span 3 inches ..
Polybothris sumptuosa gema
product code : Bup25 - Polybothris sumptuosa gema (Madagascar) 3.5 cm..
Polyura delphis concha
Polyura delphis (Thailand) Wing Span 3 1/4 Inches..
Precis radama
Nym57. Precis radama (Madagascar) Wing Span 2 Inches..
Prothoe calydonia Underside
NymOE102851. Wing span 3 3/4 inches. Malaysia. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...
Prothoe calydonia- Very colorful underside
NymOE06183. Malaysia. Underside is coral and yellow. Medium/Large size. You will receive this unmoun..
Pyrops candelaria
HomOE030208. Large Fulgorid. Wing span 4 Inches. Malaysia...
Pyrops candelaria
Hom1207. Large Fulgoridae . Wing span 4 inches. Malaysia. ..
Rhetus dysoni
Rhetus dysoni (Peru) Wing Span 1 Inch..
Rhytidophloeus rothschildi
product code : Cur25 - Rhytidophloeus rothschildi (Madagascar) 3 cm ..
Salamis anacardii duprei
Nym6517. Madagascar. Wing span 3 inches...
Salamis parhassus
Nym66. Central Africa) Wing Span 3 Inches ..
Smyrna blomfildia
Nym3025. Peru. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...