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Acraea - The Spotted Ones
Amathusidae - Saturns and Jungle Glories
Brassolidae - The Owl Faces
Danaidae - Rice Papers and Milkweeds
Heliconius - The Bowties
Lycaenidae & Nemeobiidae - Hairstreaks, Metalmarks, Coppers and Harvesters
Morphidae - The Shapely Forest Beauties
Nymphalidae - Fritillaries, Maps, Emporors, and Rajahs
Papilionidae - Kites, Windmills, Swallowtails, Apollos, Birdwings
Pieridae - The Orange Tips, Jezebels, and Sulphurs
Satyridae - Wood Nymphs, Ringlets and Meadowbrowns
Various Butterflies - Limited Items, Not Stocked Regularly

All Butterflies - Alphabetical List of All Butterflies

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AA OE A1 Quality New Hobbyist. Colorful collection of 10 Worldwide butterflies. Great selection of d..
Battus philetas
Northern Peru. Wing span 3 inches..
Cymothoe haynae diphyia
Republic Central Africa..
Idea tambusisiana MALE!!! - Large Size
DanOE0-2060. Rare in collections. Found only on Mount Tambusisi, Celebese Island, Indonesia...