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News info from Chuck
Dear Friends,

Here is a simple step when looking for something on my site

When you go to a Category ( New Additions for example  ) there will be two boxes to choose from

1- The Show Box- you can pick 1 to 100 to show the first 100 selections to list and picture

2- In the " Sort By" box pick A-Z or Z-A wherever the first name falls. Anaea of course will be A-Z

Then all specimens are alphabetical .

Specimens with OE or on the " Odds and Ends" section means I only have that one pictured specimen available. No backups.
When ordering and using a Credit Card, nothing is charged at the time of submitting the order. Your order is not completed until I fill from stock and manually write the Invoice. This will insure accurate charges and eliminate credits.
In mid March 2017, I am approaching 76 years old. There will be insects on my Odds and Ends list that have been part of my collection, mostly unmounted, that are no longer available currently. This list will contain both rare, semi rare, unique or unusual specimens of all groups.
The vast majority of the specimens on my ODDS and ENDS list are from old inventory. I was not able to add these to the list with my old Web Site. Now I can. Some new items need pictures of individual specimens so that you know exactly what you are buying and receiving.  Some are unique to it's species and also need to be seen. This is true with the Heliconius hybrids. Some have legitimate subspecies names and some are intermediate forms. If you want a fascinating , interesting and colorful collection, this is it.  An equally interesting collection would be the beetles in the family Pachyrynnchus weevils. They are small, 1 to 2 cms body length, but powerful in beauty and color
and interest. No two alike.
Pachyrynnchus weevils are collected at medium to high elevations on medium sized trees and bushes by shaking the tree or bush.  Some play dead and fall to the forest litter and undergrowth and are impossible to find. Some species are solitary or seen 2 or 3 at a time.  They are common or very rare and endemic to certain mountains and islands. Described species number over 200 with variations due to different locations.  There will be more discoveries as new locales are explored.
Here is some information for all beginning insect collectors. The abdomens of male Morphos are removed by breeders or field collectors because the body oils of the males can stain the wings . In most cases the abdomens are discarded and not received with the butterfly shipment. These first  paragraph will be on every newsletter. 
I have a lot of material in inventory that was put away for that " rainy day". Well it's not raining yet but this material needs to be sold. There are some very important specimens for your collection and there are some things that may not be deemed important at this time. However, most of the insects will never be offered by anyone on any list. Watch the " Odds and Ends" list for the special offers.
In the next few days, I will be offering a payment plan option. Several people have commented that they would like to buy the more expensive material but cannot pay all at one time. This offer is for the rarer collector items only with a value of more than $75 and less than $400.  The Option will appear at the end of the Order Form when you are at the Checkout. Normal options are Visa/ Master Card or Sending Check. When selecting the Payment Plan Option, please state the Option Number in the Customer Comment Section.
OPTION #1: Send 3 checks, 1/3 at the time of order and  2 postdated checks dated 30 days
OPTION#2: Charge 1/3 by Visa / Master Card at time of order and authorize me to charge 1/3 
                     30 days later and the final 1/3 30 days later.
OPTION#3: Buy and pay now , shipped later. If you only need a few items, I will set them aside for shipping later. This will save shipping fee.
All orders , except paid items, will be reserved until payment is complete. If you cancel the order within 7 days of ordering, you will get a full refund providing the check clears the bank first. If you charged it, you will get  a full refund immediately. If you cancel the order within the next 24 days, you will get a 90% refund of the money paid. If the order is cancelled within the 60 to 90 day period,  you will receive a 80% refund of the money paid.  No orders will be reserved after the 90 period. If no payment is received after the 90 days are up, you will get a 75% refund.
The Heliconius were always my favorite collectable butterfly. Very interesting and makes for an incredible display.  I'll be offering the hybrids. What makes these so interesting ? Heliconius hybrids occur when two or three different species meet in a blend zone and interbreed. A blend zone is an area where two or more valleys  meet an the butterflies mingle. The hybrids may carry all the characteristics of the parental forms or some of the characteristics may be eliminated in the gene transfers. I'll be showing the underside profile and describe the interior in the description section. What you see on the underside transfers to the inside. The colors inside will be much more brilliant and even expanded beyond the shown pattern. Some of the hybrids do have legitimate intergrade form names. Pricing is arbitrary depending on the beauty and importance. See these on "ODDS and ENDS" list.
Several comments have mentioned the fact that you never know what you're going to get when ordering Goliath beetles from anywhere. Will the white be white, will the colors be vivid, will the pubescens be rubbed off.  So, I have pictured the exact specimen you will be receiving from me when ordering. Take the guess work out. See my Goliathus beetles on the " Odds and Ends" beetle list or in the regular Cetonidae listings.
This is the most confusing species in need of serious revision. There are too many seasonal differences, location differences, hybridization and other contributing factors. No breeding programs to study are in place . All are net captured. It is the general practice to display the verso because of the pastel colors . Generally, the verso ( underside)  is in better quality than the inside. It's your choice on which side to display. You can see these on " Odds and Ends" butterflies. More examples will be added later. 
I remember hearing on a nature program that Madagascar was the very first island of our world. That may explain why nearly all insects from Madagascar are endemic to that location. It has been reported for a long time that the island has been gradually deforested for firewood, population spread and growth and land erosion.
Several years ago, my son Chuck and Jim Maudsley went to French Guiana to study the Heliconius found at Commune de Roura, French Guiana. This area is a blend zone for different Heliconius to mingle and interbreed . This results in several different legitimate subspecies as described in Heliconius and Related Genera by Holzinger.  The butterflies I offer for your collection are very seldom or never offered by anyone. This is a rare opportunity to acquire these.  Please see: HelOE937 and HelOE938.