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Buprestidae - Metallic Woodborers
Carabidae - Ground Beetles
Cerambycidae - Longhorn Beetles
Cetonidae - Flower Beetles
Cicindelidae - Tiger Beetles
Curculionidae - Weevils & Snout Beetles
Dynastidae - Rhinoceros & Elephant Beetles
Elateridae - Click Beetles
Euchirinae - Long Arm Chafer Beetles
Geotrupinae - Earth Boring Dung Beetles
Lucanidae - The Stag Beetles
Rutelids - Shining Leaf Beetles
Sagrinae - Giant Metallic Leaf Beetles
Scarabaeinae - Dung Beetles
Tenebrionidae - Tenebrionidae
Various Beetles - Limited Items, Not Stocked Regularly
All Beetles - Alphabetical List of All Beetles

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Mantichora latipennis
CarOE0-1380. S. Africa. Body length 6 cms...
Plusiotus quatzelcoatli
ScaOE0-1014. Guatemala. Body length 2.5 cms. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...
Tenebrionidae species
BeOE052318. Old collection Pakistan. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...