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AA OE A1 Quality New Hobbyist. Colorful collection of 10 Worldwide butterflies. Great selection of d..
Ancyluris meliboeus
Lyc1394.Peru. Wing span 1 1/4 inches...
Asterope adamsi
NymOE0-345. Peru. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...
Attacus atlas Male- Sizes Vary
 Sat015 - Attacus atlas (Malaysia) 5 1/2 inch +or - wingspan..
Callithea ( Asterope ) optima- Only 2
Nym05372. N. Peru.  Wing Span 2 Inches..
Euchirus longimanus
Sca001 - Ceram Island- Indonesia. Body length  6-7 cms not including legs...
Megasoma elephas- 11 cms
DynOE110503. Body length 11 cms head horn to end of elytra, Central America. You will receive this u..
Morpho adonis major
Morpho adonis major. (Peru) Wing Span 3 1/2 Inches..
Palla violinitens
Nym4575. Republic Central Africa. Wing span 3 inches...
Papilio polymnestor parinda Male- Only 2
PapOE12055. Ceylon ( Sri Lanka ) old stock.  You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...
Precis radama
Nym57. Precis radama (Madagascar) Wing Span 2 Inches..
Rhetus arcius
NemOE08094. A small wonder !! Try to net this one. Wing span 1 1/4 inches. Peru. ..
Salamis anacardii duprei
Nym6517. Madagascar. Wing span 3 inches...
Speyeria idalia male- Only 1
NymOE062521. Minnesota, USA ..
Sternocera castanea boucardi[ 3 Available
BupOE0270. Large. Body length 5 cms. Tanzania. You will receive this unmounted pictured specimen...